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By Admin on March 15, 2017


Over view of Education Industry in India
The India’s Education industry

The one industry which doesn’t get affected very much even during the recessionary periods of economy is the education sector.Thanks to the booming population of our country coupled with urbanization and growing middle class,Education industry witnesses highest spends from people.

To put it in a nut shell,it really makes sense to invest in the India’s education industry for the reasons mentioned herein after

Steady cash flows

Recession-proof nature of the sector

Minimum or Negative working capital requirements

Market Size of Education Industry in India
  • The market size of Indian education sector is expected to increase to Rs 602,410 crore (US$ 97.03 billion) by FY15 on back of strong demand for quality education, according to a report by India Ratings.
  • The private education segment alone is expected to cross US$ 45 billion mark by 2015 from the present US$ 35 billion, according to a research report prepared by Investor Relation Society, affiliated to US based Global Investor Relations Network.


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