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Master Franchisee Option

By Admin on March 15, 2017

The Master Franchise option is available on an exclusive basis for select Metros/ Regions/States/Countries

The MF, apart from owning a centre will be appointing Satellite centres (UF) in their allotted territory. The MF can be an entrepreneur preferably with experience in the education industry or should be with some education industry knowledge at least. Budding entrepreneurs are also considered.

What is the Growth Potential?

  • The MF can develop its center as per the franchise model in the first place and then appoint Unit Franchisees. The income level growth will be directly proportional to the no of UF appointed in the territory and their monthly performance. As more and more centers are appointed, the MF can see their income level rising all the time . They will also be responsible for institutional (colleges) and corporate training business in the said region.

  • What is the investment required?

INR - 9 to 11 LACS (for new setup)

INR - 5 to 6 LACS (for Plug & Play setup)


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