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By Admin on March 15, 2017

Our Services
At FG Global Training, we are aware that every moment we serve our customer becomes a history and we strive to give the best shot at all moments to make the experience of the customer an enriching and a memorable one.  Some of our Divisions  & services are listed below;

  • FIRST TECH – IT & Software Based Training
  • FIRST MEDIA – Web & Multimedia Studies
  • FIRST CADD – Civil/Mech/Electrical CAD Training
  • FIRST SKILLS – Communication Skills & Competitive Examination Training
  • FIRST CONNECT– Certification Examination Training & Hardware Networking Training
  • FIRST SMAC – Social Media, Analytics, Cloud Computing Training
  • FIRST AUTOMATION – Industry Automation Courses
  • FIRST  MEP – Mechanical ,Electrical & Plumbing
  • FIRST BANKFIN – Banking & Finance Academy
  • FIRST RESEARCH – M.Phil & Ph.D Thesis & Publication Works
  • FIRST TRAINING – College/Corporate/Govt. Tie-Up Training Programs/Projects
  • FIRST JOBS – Consultancy & Recruitment, Placement Services – for our Students


Our Team
FG Global uses highly skilled human resource and also keeps them updated with the latest of improvements in their fields concerned, through timely training and development. We have professional managers who employ robust and proven managerial strategies that unleash the potential of our valuable human resource in any given team at FG Global, from Training and development through franchising.
Our Infrastructure

FG Global, uses the best of technologies available, maximizing the efforts of providing optimum service to ensure the customer always remains at an advantage.  We have a flexibility to admit the changes demanded by the clients. FG Global continuously empowers innovative technologies and skilled manpower, as per the customers’ requirements.

Our Quality Statement
The success path that FG Global has treaded speaks volumes about the Quality we deliver at FG Global.  At FG Global, Quality is delivered at its purest form.  We believe that consistency in quality is what that makes our customers to look back at us with the same trust and the same confidence that we built the first time.

Quality Policy
To meet the agreed requirements of our customers on time and consistently by constantly are investing in employee development and process improvement leading to continual quality improvement.

Our Human Resource Management & Value

At FG Global, our staff is treated with respect, dignity and professionalism.  Taking care of people in a compassionate and caring way is ingrained in our culture at FG Global and that starts with how we take care of our employees.  We value our employees’ individuality, their creativity and their

We strike a balance between work and family through our family friendly programs. 

At FG Global, people are at their best, in terms of professionalism, achievement and growth.  We recognize the people who work hard for us and people who breathe energy into our whole operations. We take pride to declare that we follow Quarterly Performance Appraisal Systems to reward the best performers who, in turn, will be rewarded with 30 to 100% hikes. 



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